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Keeping you cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. Any equipment used to cool your home. At C&C Air Conditioning and Heating, we install the most efficient and quiet units which will keep you cool during the warmest months of the year. We offer a variety of systems, custom suited to your comfort needs.


Keeping you warm during those cold winter months. Each furnace is carefully selected based on your personal home comfort needs.

Indoor Air Quality

Allergy, Asthma or Hay Fever Sufferer? Find comfort like no other with our Air Purification Systems. Top rated filtration systems; Germicidal Lights (High-Intensity UV Light which is used to reduce concentrations of mildew, mold, and bacteria).

Domestic Hot Water Heaters & Plumbing

Hot Water Heaters are essential to keeping your family comfortable. We carry all types of hot water heaters including standard tanks, power and direct vented tanks, and tankless (on demand) hot water heaters. A tankless hot water heater is much more efficient because it does not heat the water until you are ready to use it, unlike a standard tank which keeps gallons of water pre-heated.


Standby Home Generators are there for you in an instant during power outages and will keep your entire home powered, your family comfortable, and protect the things that matter most. When you partner with C&C Air Conditioning and Heating, you receive a complete turn-key back up power system for your home. Our prices include not only the generator equipment, but the planning, installation, permits and registration, and maintenance of your new back-up system. We like to explain this to all of our potential customers so that they are fully aware of all of the processes necessary to actually get a working, safe, functional generator system in their home. Things like zoning and gas line preparation are typically some of the components that require a C&C Air Conditioning and Heating expert.

Home Performance with Energy Star

We conduct a full home energy audit to determine an equipment strategy which will cut your utility bills by at least 25% using the highest efficiency equipment and processes.

Maintenance & Repair

Problems with your system? Our licensed, fully-trained technicians will run a 7 point plus check up on your system to determine the cause of the problems so that we can appropriately repair your equipment with our professional and reliable HVAC services.

Gas Conversions

Convert existing oil fired heating equipment to gas equipment, which will cut your heating bills in half. Gas heating is cleaner, more efficient, less maintenance. Also, many times a gas conversion will qualify you for utility rebates.

Mini Split Units

Perfect for that one area of your home that you just can’t get the temperature right! These energy efficient systems use a sophisticated electronic control system to automatically adjust the fan speed for precise temperature control. Constantly monitoring room temperatures, the mini split system will detect fluctuations and adjust accordingly for ultimate comfort.

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