Installation, repair, and maintenance of any furnace, boiler, geothermal, ductless, or heat pump system by trained and certified HVAC technicians.


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Heater Repair & Heater Service

C&C Air Conditioning and Heating has been caring for your heater repair needs for over 50 years. Your home may have one of several types of heating systems. They can range from blowing hot air through ductwork to piping hot water through your floor.

Whatever type of heating system you have, it will have advantages and disadvantages. As a Heating and Air Conditioning Company, C&C Air Conditioning and Heating has many options available to keep you warm during those cold New Jersey winter months. You can trust C&C Air Conditioning and Heating, a Lennox premier dealer, to work closely with you to select the right equipment for you and your home.

In order to keep your monthly utility bills down, selecting the right heating system for your home is only half of the solution. Properly servicing and maintaining your homes heating system is equally important. A properly maintained furnace or boiler will reduce your monthly bills, improve efficiency so your equipment won’t have to work as hard, extend the life of your equipment, and result in less breakdowns or heater repairs. C&C Air Conditioning and Heating’s certified technicians are trained in heater repair, furnace replacement, and maintaining all brands of your homes heating equipment including gas furnaces, boilers, humidifiers, and heat pumps.

If your homes heating system is greater than 15 years old you may qualify for the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Start program.

C&C Air Conditioning and Heating offers the following solutions to help heat your home:


Closed vessel used for heating purposes. Typical life span is around 12-15 years.


Keeping you warm during those cold winter months. Each furnace is carefully selected based on your personal home comfort needs. As a leading Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we specialize in furnace replacement and repairs.

Heat Pumps (Hybrid Fuel)

A heat pump is an HVAC unit that heats or cools by moving heat. During the winter, a heat pump draws heat from outdoor air and circulates it through your home’s air ducts. In the summer, it reverses the process and removes heat from your house and releases it outdoors.

Radiant Heat

Keep your feet warm all winter! Radiant heat is created by tubing in the floor which is heated by a boiler.


Ever notice how dry the air can be in your home while your heat is on? A humidifier is the solution to that problem. A Humidifier is an indoor air quality device that introduces moisture to heated air as it passes from the furnace into the ductwork for distribution throughout the home.

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